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Urban Habitat Restoration:
Blue Herons in the Bronx

by The Green A-Team

Ever wonder what your city or town looked like before all the roads, houses, and buildings?

To best sustain our modern lifestyle and reverse the damage done to our natural environment we need to reintegrate the basic elements of our ecosystem back into our cities and towns.  Eric Rothstein, Managing Partner at eDesign Dynamics.

The challenge is how we facilitate the return of wildlife and enable the natural flow of water.

Because of the work of environmental engineers like Eric, despite our modern habits, the natural habitat can endure.

View the full set of pics from the day here.

One Response to “Urban Habitat Restoration:
Blue Herons in the Bronx

  • Tracy Says:

    It’s hard to imagine what NYC looked like a couple hundred years ago. Makes one wonder, if humans were wiped out tomorrow would the landscape return to what it looked like before?

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