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Renewed World Order:
The Obama Administration’s first green steps

by The Green A-Team

On a global stage, an historic election is settled but how much attention will President Obama give back to the globe?

Anxious enviros await appointments to Obama’s Cabinet-level environmental positions.  Possibilities include loyal campaign supporters like Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, Iowa Governor and foreign oil reductionist Tom Vilsack, former Secretary of Energy and Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, and of course the face of the current environmental movement Al Gore.

But it’s not just cronies and politicians who’ve got a shot at contributing to Obama’s environmental team, it’s open to everyone!  Readers of the New York Times column Dot Earth have been asked to submit climate and energy proposals and the 10 best will be delivered directly to Obama’s transition team.

Clearly, this President’s environmental strategy will include collaborative thinking in bringing people together in a new way to solve old problems.

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More earthly advice for Obama

by The Green A-Team

Welcome to the first addition of “Renewed World Order,” a vertical news thread of opinions and observations concerning President-elect Obama’s emerging environmental agenda.  Keep up with what gets passed and what gets passed on right here.

Full NYT article here.

The plumage of clean coal puffs its way back into the political face at a special panel discussion at Stamford University with an emphasis on “dis.”  Al Gore took aim at misconceptions of “clean coal” and “Big Coal” in his speech giving advice and awaking eco-demons summoned during this past election.

This article points out is how most swing states are coal states and how playing the sweet song of the clean coal peace pipe could soothe voters whose livelihoods depend on mining.  As a tactic, it was used on both sides and we’ll see if Obama chooses to make good on his promises to develop clean coal technologies as did President Bush… and we can see how much got done there.

If you’ve got a suggestion for President-elect Obama, submit it directly to him on the official website of his administration,