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Want solar but can’t afford it?  How about getting your neighbors to help pay for it?

If plugging into solar panels were easy and cheap, we’d all be doing it.  The reality is that it can be costly and confusing which leads to a lot of nervous consumers and a scarcity of solar.

One company sees the solution and is using the concept of for-profit activism to put solar power in the hands of just about anyone who’s interested.  They’re called One Block Off the Grid or and they organize buying syndicates to provide bulk discounts on equipment and installation.

Dave Llorens, Co-Founder and General Manager of

We put people in a big group and negotiate discounts.  On top of that we’ve negotiated a financing partnership with SunRun so we have a way for people to get solar energy possibly for as little as $1000.

If you’re a renter, fear not!  You can still let 1BOG know you’re interested and once a critical mass is assembled, they’ll make it possible your landlord and local legislators to get your block off the grid.

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