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Big Plastic Lies: The Fleecing of the FDA with BPAs

by The Green A-Team

While the United States Food and Drug Administration is in bed with Big Plastic, Americans continue to suffer from obesity, heart attacks, and breast cancer.

Bisphenol A, or BPA for short, is a chemical compound that controls the hardness or softness of almost all the plastic products you can get your hands on.  Since the 1930s, BPA has been known to be inherently toxic, effecting the way hormones grow, contributing to the growth of cancer cells with even the slightest contact.

Here’s the scary part: The FDA declares BPA harmless which explains why you’ll find it in things like baby bottles, flatware, and the lining of canned food.

With billions of consumer dollars behind Big Plastic, a growing concern of health advocates is that the FDA has been paid off to keep the truth of this nasty additive behind closed doors.

All things equal, buy organic plastics and ask questions when unsure.

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