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Drugged Drinking Water

by The Green A-Team

Are we being drugged by our drinking water?

According to the latest results from an investigation conducted by the Associated Press, 24 major metropolitan ares from Southern California to Northern New Jersey have tested positive for traces of prescription drugs in the drinking water.

This is being caused by drugs entering the watershed through sewers and landfills. Samples taken from reservoirs serving at least 41 million Americans are showing everything from anti-pshychotics to sex hormones streaming right from our tap.

While short term effects may go unnoticed, what’s troubling scientists are the long term human health consequences.   As aquatic life adapts, genetic mutations travel up the food chain and ultimately effect us.

While studies are ongoing it would be wise to think twice before flushing expired prescription drugs down the toilet.

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Photo by Carly & Art.

2 Responses to “Drugged Drinking Water”

  • Roach Says:


    They are mixing in this toxic chemical and making us believe it is good for our teeth! How do we know the government doesn’t pump anti-depressants and hormones into the water? They pump antibiotics and hormones into our food supply.


  • Rich Awn Says:

    Thanks Roach!

    Flouride in the water is no joke either. With each successive regeneration of our chromosomes within our own bodies and through our progeny, these unnatural elements are causing the very building blocks of human life to adapt accordingly. Our natural evolution has been abruptly interrupted and I shudder to think of how our species will endure.

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