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Home Tours:
The Performance Kitchen

by The Green A-Team

Did you happen to notice the energy efficiency of mom’s kitchen appliances this past Mother’s Day? While most gatherings in the home inevitably end up in the kitchen, what could be eating you out of house and home may not be your relatives but your appliances!

Major kitchen machines require a daily expenditure of energy whether it be gas, water, or electricity, and some even require power 24 hours a day. Outdated and improperly installed units could be releasing extremely harmful levels carbon monoxide into the air you and your family breathe.

Don Swift, Technical Director of Conservation Services Group, part of Home Performance with Energy Star.

It’s likely unnecessary for you to have to purchase an entirely new set of kitchen appliances if they’re in good working order and purchased within the last 15 years. If you do need to ditch the dishwasher or fridge, most manufacturers now offer take-back programs where they’ll organize a pickup from your house, retrieve, and recycle the parts that are still good.

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The Performance Kitchen”

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