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Green Nightmare:
Algae Blobs Attack China

by The Green A-Team

Twas the “green nightmare” before the Olympics…

What’s lurking along China’s eastern coastal waters?

As the Summer Games creep up, the Chinese coastline is blooming with miles of carpet-like blue green algae directly in line with the only route set aside for the world sailing event.  The algae creates a sticky, gooey mess for ship rudders and has proven to be more than just an obstacle, but an insurmountable green menace for some of the international competitors.

Prevalent in Japanese and Korean diets, blue green algae is known to be the perfect food for humans as it is high in beta-carotene, balanced in amino acids and helps with weight control.  Further, the race-stopping green blob absorbs carbon dioxide and cleans sea water through photosynthesis.

Regardless of its impact on the Olympic event, it seems that the Chinese fisherman and Navy removal crews should start cooking instead of netting this benevolent yet pesky green sea monster.

Have a look at the People’s Liberation Army effort from the BBC’s video coverage.

Photo by Ng Han/Associated Press.

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