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Home Tours: Conservation on the Commode

by The Green A-Team

What’s the one room in the house that uses the most resources and energy to keep your household healthy?

If you guessed the bathroom, you’re spot on.  So how can you regulate the massive amounts of water used in your precious porcelain parlor to help you save money and lessen your environmental impact?

1.) Let’s talk toilets.  If you’ve got one from before 1994, you’re using double the water than that of newer models.  A $300 replacement could save you $50 a year and 180,000 gallons of water.

2.) Hit the showers!  With the simple, inexpensive switch of a shower head to one with a low flow rate of around 2 gallons per minute, you’ve just cut your water usage by 70%!

and 3.) Reuse your water! With the addition of water recirculation pumps and heat recovery systems, you’ll save money on hot water not to mention hundreds of thousands of gallons of usable graywater.

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