Beyond Carbon - Scientists Worry About Nitrogen’s Effects on Planet

by The Green A-Team

Full NY Time article here.

Green Air Filter:

If you have followed the environmental new trend from the very beginning, it is quite obvious what the public enemy number one is: Carbon. But there is something else stinking up our atmosphere; Nitrogen.

Nitrogen has long been ignored in the environmental protection agenda; so much so that it was not even mentioned in the famous Kyoto Protocol. But while it lagged behind Carbon in publicity, it has been festering in the Earth inside fertilizers that are often overused by the agriculture industry. As a result, an even more toxic nitrogen trifluoride has escaped into our atmosphere without warrant. It is not to say that Carbon has become on  non-issue. Instead, more attention should be raised towards the silent beast that is Nitrogen before it reigns supreme with Carbon in an ever smoggy world.

Photo by Kasi Metcalfe.

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