McCain’s Red Flag to Green Critics

by The Green A-Team

Full Canberra Times article here.

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Without trying too hard to contribute to the brutal media pile-on-Senator-Palin, we’ve gone outside the American media slug fest for a piece from our friends down under to get an outside perspective on this Presidential race.  It’s clear from Roslyn Beeby’s article that the 9,463 miles between our two countries hasn’t deadened the shock of McCain’s precarious VP selection.

As Senator of Alaska, home to one of the world’s most delicate ecosystems, you’d think the elected Senator of that state would be all over environmental issues like spilled oil on an albatross.  Sadly, however, Senator Sarah Palin’s environmental record is as sullied as the wildlife she allowed to be abused.  With some flip flopping and fancy foot work, the VP candidate is doing her darndest to clean up the long trail of ineffectual environmental policy making to seem more marketable as McCain’s sidekick.

Photo by OregonianPhoto.

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