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City Spotlight: Brooklyn, NY

by The Green A-Team

US cities are growing, populations are exploding, and the environment is suffering.

In this City Spotlight, we travel to the New York City borough of Brooklyn.  Better known for its brownstones than green space, it’s home to the the country’s largest oil spill and faces challenges that all growing cities face.

Residents and legislators have had their hands full treating hazardous conditions caused by it’s man-made industrial waterways like the Newtown Creek. An estimated 30 million gallons of oil has been leaking into the soil and water around it since the 1950s.

Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz.

We have no choice.  This is the future.  It’s about our economy in the future.  It’s about our health in the future.  It’s about jobs in the future and we can’t allow the energy industry to get by us.

While your city may not be 2.5 million people crammed into 70 square miles like Brooklyn, increased awareness of your surroundings can secure safe living environments for your family and neighbors.

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Listen here for our full interview with Marty Markowitz.

Photo by *Your Guide.

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