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A Laser Focus on Greenhouse Gas:
Debate Destroying Data Emerges

by The Green A-Team

The door has slammed shut and the debate is over.  Climate change by human hands is real.

According to the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, industrial activity has irrefutably elevated global greenhouse gasses, reduced snowfall, increased temperature, and raised ocean levels higher than ever.

While stubborn skeptics, like big oil, are still claiming inefficiencies in the study, many have converted.

Troy Ribaudo, of the University of Massachusetts, has been researching the effects of the newest laser detection devices further supporting these climate conclusions.

At the forefront of science there is little question that these findings are indeed the final nail in the coffin regarding mankind’s impact on the environment.

For the full interview with Physicist, Troy Ribaudo, click here.

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Photo by the Tyndall National Institute.


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