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Planetary policies in action:
Missouri breathes easy with new Clean Air Initiative

by The Green A-Team

President-elect Obama wasn’t the only one to receive overwhelming support from voters on Election Day.  It seems the planet proved just as popular.

The Clean Air Initiative made the ballot in Missouri and was firmly approved 66% to 34%.  It has created a renewable electricity standard that requires utility companies to gradually increase their usage of renewable energy to 15% state-wide and requires that energy rates not increase by more than one percent annually.

Hans Detweiler of the American Wind Energy Association:

The requirement in renewable energy standards around the country has been demonstrated to be significantly more successful.  When you look at the states that have renewable energy standards, all of those states are the leading states for renewable energy development and wind energy development.

With 86% of Missouri’s electricity coming from costly and dirty coal-fired plants, this is a breath of much needed fresh air.

For more on this and other planetary policies, click here for the results of the winning and losing policies from the 2008 Presidential Election.

Photo by prettywar-stl.

For more insights from Hans Detweiler on wind energy, green jobs, and AWEA’s work with President-Elect Obama, click below.

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Federal judge overturns ban on road-building in national forests

by The Green A-Team

Full LA Times article here.

Green Air Filter:

Conservation of national forests has always been a big agenda, especially in the world of environmental policy makers. However, a Wyoming federal judge’s injunction against the road ban in national forests seems just the exact opposite of a logical attempt at conservation.

But despite what provocative headlines the judge’s rule may incite, it has allowed for a much needed closer examination at what the “road-less rule” policy really entails. A policy created when the Clinton era was nearing its end, its intentions may have been more about strengthening a presidential legacy in a rising national concern than the concern itself.

Photo by paurian.


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