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Tax Rebate Review:
Food & Fuel Next Exit

by The Green A-Team

Taxes are paid and rebates are on the way. Now what are you gonna do with the money?

As part of the 168 BILLION dollar economic stimulus package President Bush and congress recently passed, individuals stand to receive up to 600 dollars and even more for couples. Intended to ease the burden of increased food costs and soaring prices at the pump, you may decide a Green investment is worthy of your share.

With numerous public companies working to solve the problem of America’s addiction to petroleum, an investment there could prove both worldly and profitable. You should be aware, though, of the risks involved – Wall Street experts recommend a buy-and-hold strategy combined with selective trading to maximize your return.

To counteract inflated food costs, enroll in a community supported agricultural program. Your contribution goes directly to local farmers who deliver fresh, organic products to your door. This method provides the farmer with better prices for their crops and much needed financial security.

3 Responses to “Tax Rebate Review:
Food & Fuel Next Exit

  • Funkdok Says:

    C.S.A.! C.S.A.! C.S.A.!
    (That’s what I chant these days instead of “U.S.A!” which I chant a lot, while pumping my fist in the air.)

  • Tracy Says:

    I know a lot of people who are investing in local food co-ops and organic food delivery these days. The high cost of shipping food is thankfully boosting support for local food resources.

  • Greenpointer Says:

    You guys are RIGHT ON! These CSA’s are a NO BRAINER!!! Deliver my groceries PLEASE!!!

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