Senior Staff at French Nuclear Giant EDF Accused of Spying on Greenpeace

by The Green A-Team

Full article here.

Green Air Filter:

Espionage in the world of environmental activism isn’t something that often pops up but now that it has, it seems only fitting that this “Inspector Clouseau” caper dons it’s cloak and dagger in France.   The incident in question occurred in 2006 where staff members of EDF, French government-owned and world’s largest operator of nuclear reactors, and are facing charges of planning to hack into Greenpeace France’s secure systems.

Having peeked in on a Greenpeace meeting myself recently for yesterdays Fossil Fools Day action, I can’t imagine the spies would’ve found much more than some propaganda posters and scattered meeting notes of some relatively tame initiatives.  Then again, the French chapter could be more militant.  My experience showed a largely disorganized and despairingly ineffectual operation.

Photo by lintmachine.

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