Seeds of hope: Freezing vaults guard Earth’s flora

by The Green A-Team

Full USA Today article here.

Green Air Filter:

One of the most fantastical gardens can be found in Kew, England where many different flowers and plants make up a varied man-made Eden. But there lies something else in Kew; something that more resembles the lair of an evil genius rather than the nature’s playground that Kew has been famous for.

The Millennium Seed Bank is a series of giant vaults that holds something more precious than any ordinary bank could hopeful in this year of economic bailouts. It holds billions of seeds that have been frozen for future uses that will be crucial to the world’s food supply and medical crises. With the world’s natural resources quickly disappearing, the Millennium Seed Bank is not just a side project for the Green movement but an insurance policy for all of Earth.

Photo by kawkawpa.

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