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Cutting Edge Breakthrough: Organic Composting Factories

by The Green A-Team

Every year 25 million tons of solid waste is entering our landfills but can it be used to grow healthier crops?

With food prices choking our wallets, you may be surprised how wasteful Americans are with food. Whether it’s fresh food gone bad or throwing good food out, 27 percent of all edible food produced in the US never even makes it to our plates.

One company though sees the food waste stream as a way to benefit the community. Ed Gildea, CEO of Converted Organics.

With forward-thinkers like Ed, our country’s mounting trash may soon be a thing of the past and the promise of a Greener future.

Here’s some more on Converted Organics and information on home composting.

Photo by rotomotor.

3 Responses to “Cutting Edge Breakthrough: Organic Composting Factories”

  • Ethan Says:

    I love it!!!! We keep a plastic bag in our freezer and bring our compost to the Union Sq. greenmarket, the LES ecology center or the NY Botanical Gardens!!!

  • JonnyU Says:

    Great. In the future we will have to deal with all of our waste locally. Buy local food, compost local waste, recycle local.

  • admin Says:

    Seems like the logical flow of the future waste stream. Doesn’t seem implausible that we may be able to contain 100% of our waste using home waste treatment appliances that may soon be as common as dishwashers and laundry machines.

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