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Urban Farmers Almanac:
Predictions of Plenty in Times of Need

by The Green A-Team

One of the hottest topics in food is to go from farm to table.  But what if you live in the middle of a city?

Urban farming is not as strange as it may sound.  All over the world, city dwellers with roots in agricultural communities have taken to the rooftops and vacant lots to harvest they’re own crops, raise bees, and even livestock.

The East New York Farm United Community Center is one such urban agricultural oasis that thrives in one of the most economically depressed areas in the country.

Sarita Daftary, Youth Program Coordinator and Project Director.

“Before we even started our project, East New York had over 140 registered gardens. So what we really started to do was to support those gardens and use them as a resource for food production.  And we also added in the youth training component and leadership development.”

Success stories like 12 year old interns going on to start their own farms to senior citizens organizing farmers markets and helping to feed those in need are just two examples of the power of organized urban farming.

For more on East New York Farms and urban farming, visit the links below.

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An Abbreviated List of References and Resource Guides (USDA)

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See below for the full slideshow of our trip to the East New York Farms.

Music Information Helps Grow Ears

by Rich Awn

It’s been three hours and I can’t stop looking/listening to the fertile aural bounty of!

With more than just one music man running the rat-a-tat show, Matt Tyson, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, has about 5 other awesome contributors taking amazing pictures and videos of live shows ‘n stuff, pumping out new music/band/album reviews that span the musical galaxy, all wrapped up in a delicious design by Destroy Space.  The writing is jumping off the screen with wit but not too much wiseassishness, instead they cleverly refer to other sites where provocative bile can be found spewing.

For you epic jammers, there are Iliad-like write-ups for songs over 8 minutes long.  The section’s bite-sized title is “8+” but packs a wallop as Matt and the gang probe their winding coils of gray matter to make connections, pontifications, and cosmic realizations about the long songs that set those tingly moments.

Reset your system preferences and ready your heady for some radio razzle dazzle! Ear Farm Radio is like a little pop-up piece of key lime playlist pie. Lots of new bands, song titles, and easy peasy Japaneasy usability. From one radio crackhead to another, Ear Farm’s got the good stuff goin’ on!

What more can I say? If you’re still reading this, you’ve already wasted 5 seconds of time better spent cultivating the phantasmagorical fields of sounds sprouting up over yonder at!


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