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Eat Real, Eat Local

by The Green A-Team

Hellmann’s – It’s Time for Real from CRUSH on Vimeo.

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Alberta oil sands catastrophe pending:
Act now

by Rich Awn

Hey Americans!

Thought it would be helpful to direct your attention to this little letter put together by some freaked out Canadians about an industrial catastrophe that will nullify Quebec’s carbon reduction efforts.

As stated, if Enbridge is allowed to implement the “Trailbreaker Plan”, increase production and supply this pipeline that ends at the marinas of Portland, Maine, the emissions and massive holes in the ground will leave a tangible and indelible scar on the planet; it will distort and disfigure life as we know it.  This is real.

Submit your attention as a concerned neighbor and read about the players and the plans below.

Good Guys:


Environmental Defense

Forest Ethics

Bad Guys:

Enbridge (Trailbreaker Overview)

Photo by Arkaiyen.

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Listen to this Green Air Minute:

Oil Sands: True Grit

by The Green A-Team

What’s worse than oil?  Oil sands.

According to Christine MacDonald, author of Green Inc., oil sands is an extremely heavy form of crude oil found in great quantities in Canada and Venezuela.  It requires an open-pit mining process that destroys forests and uses a lot of water, making it even more environmentally invasive than old-fashioned drilling.

Essentially, the oil in oil sands is mixed together with sand and clay to form a viscous and dense form of petroleum that must be separated out in order to be useful.  It takes three to five barrels of water to separate a single barrel of oil from the clay and dirt.

Turning oil sands into something you can pour into your car’s gas tank takes several times more energy than processing conventional oil and contributes more than twice as much greenhouse gas.  So if you hear of legislators trying to pass off an oil sands project as a way to counteract the global energy crisis, fight it with all your might.

For more on oil sands, click on some of the following links:

High stakes in Canada’s vast oil sands fields (

We’re still fans of oil sands (Motley Fool)

The oil sands of Alberta: Where black gold and riches can be found in the sand (60 Minutes)

Tar Sands Basics (Oil Shale & Tar Sands Programmatic EIS)

Alberta oil sands catastrophe pending: ACT NOW

Photo by shanebe.

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Green Project in B.C. Burns Sawdust, Treats Sewage in Backyard

by The Green A-Team

Full Bloomberg article here.

Green Air Filter:

Like the bright but annoying kid in class that raises his hand whenever the teacher asks a question, Canada is running laps around the rest of North American sustainable design projects with this 15-acre master-planned sustainable community located along the harbourfront of downtown Victoria.

This keystone project from Windmill West is putting a price behind it’s platinum LEED promises, offering up $1 million to the city of Victoria if Canada’s Green Building Council doesn’t legitimize their claims.  With vocabulary like “natural capitialism” and “New Urbanism” entering the lexicon of developers and architects, sustainable communities may be a thing of the nearer future than expected… and not a moment too soon!  If you just can’t wait, there’s one in Sweden (pictured) where the residents look quite happy.

Photo by Ivonne de la Guardia.

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