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Circus Election 2008: Republican Green

by The Green A-Team

Editors Note: Due to the timing of our production of this piece, Senator Sarah Palin of Alaska was not yet announced as McCain’s running mate thus excluding her from the audio.  To be thorough and fair, we believe her environmental record should be made public.  Click here for a full article on the matter.

Can you save the planet with your vote this November?

We’re taking a hard look at the candidates through the eco-microscope and leaving nothing to chance when it comes to this decision of global consequence.

Meet the Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain:

He is a self-proclaimed federalist which means he believes the onus is on the individual states to decide if they want off shore oil rigs or put a cap on their carbon emissions.

Like his hero Theodore Roosevelt, McCain believes that “we are vested with a sacred duty to be proper stewards of the resources upon which the quality of American Life depends.”  He knows that history shows that poverty is a poor steward.

McCain also scores a 53% by the League of Conservation Voters, the political voice of the national environmental movement.  It’s a mixed record but he has supported a ban on commercial whaling and higher EPA standards.

Make the candidates work for your vote and click here for more on the McCain/Palin ballot.

Photo by Tom LeGro.

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